What Are Undertones?

We all come in different shades and tones. Even if you think you may be the same skin tone as someone else, you more than likely are not. A factor that causes the differences in skin tones is undertones. You ever wonder why one foundation that’s the same “color” of another may not look as good on you? This is due to the undertones in your face. Understanding undertones is very important when it comes to finding the right shade of foundation. And let’s face it, the application of your foundation can make or break your entire look. Normal descriptions of skin tones can range from fair to deep. These words are commonly used to describe the surface tones of a person’s complexion. Undertones can be either warm, cool or neutral.

The effects of wearing the wrong foundation for your undertones are very noticeable. If you have warm undertones and you have on a foundation with cool undertones, it can make your face seem ashy and dull. If you have cool undertones and have on a foundation with warm undertones, it will make your face look red or orange and make the skin appear blotchy.

When it comes to determining undertones I’ve heard of some of the craziest things like the Vein Test and the Compliment Test. To me the most practical, and easiest, way of determining your undertones is just by going through your closet. You know what colors compliment your skin tone the best. If more warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges best compliment your skin tone, then you have warm undertones. If you look better in blues, greens and purples then you have cool undertones. And neutral? Well let’s just say you have it easy because you can basically rock anything and look fab.

Some cosmetic stores like MAC sell different tones of foundation to compliment your face’s undertones. For example, my shade at MAC is normally NC50, which means I have cool undertones. Honestly, the only way to finding your perfect tone is through trial and error. But hopefully the technique I described will make things a bit easier for you. It may take a while but once you finally figure it out it will definitely be worth it.

If you have any more questions about undertones or foundations just contact me!

Stay pretty!


Author: kierstinbeauty

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