The Perfect Nude Lipstick

No matter the season, nude lipstick is always a go-to when you can’t decide whether to go dark or light. The hardest thing about rocking a nude lipstick is choosing the shade. When people think nude they think of a pale, muted color but there are so many variations of “nude”.

It’s all about skin tones. Knowing which nudes work better with your skin tones go hand in hand with knowing what your undertones are (If you do not know what undertones are or how to find yours, take a look at my previous post for more information). For my ladies with warm undertones, you may be better off going with a nude that has a darker tint. If you have cool undertones, a lighter tint may be your best bet.

Now if you want to base the shade solely off of skin tone, ladies with more fair skin can pull of shades that have tints of pink. Medium to darker skin tones can wear shades with more tints of brown than pink. But don’t worry, if you want to try shades that may not match your skin tone there are ways to pull it off.


I know ladies with darker skin tones have this problem often, because I for sure do. You find this nude lipstick that you just fell in love with, but you may be afraid to wear it because it may be too light for your skin tone. Well guess what? You can still pull it off! In this case, it’s all in the lip liner. All you have to do is before applying your nude lipstick, apply a shade of lip liner that is either exactly your skin tone or slightly darker. You really want to over line the lips more than usual to give them an ombre effect once the lipstick is added. Once you’re done blending it in it will look phenomenal and give you a great finish. In the picture above I’m wearing Milani Matte Naked lined with NYX Chocolate. This has been my go-to nude duo all summer long and I absolutely love it!

If you have any questions about nude lipsticks or pairing them with the perfect liner for your skin tone let me know!

Stay pretty!


Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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