Makeup Essentials: On the Go Products

Ladies, don’t you hate it when you apply your makeup for the day and realize it doesn’t quite look the same by lunch time? I’ve come up with a list of a few on the go products that you should keep with you to make sure you stay fab throughout the day!

Lipstick/Lip gloss

Your lipstick or lip gloss should without a doubt be the first thing you throw in your purse before you leave. With all of the talking, eating and gum chewing that happens before noon that lipstick will definitely need a touch up! Most matte lipsticks won’t need much reapplying but the more slick products like lip gloss will definitely need to be reapplied. Along with your lipstick you can throw in a lip liner just in case you want that perfect finish when reapplying. I normally keep liner with me if I’m wearing a nude color.

Setting Powder

Setting powder or finishing powder is another staple that is ALWAYS with me, no matter where I am. If I have makeup on, my setting powder is with me. During the day makeup breaks down due to the oils that come through your pores. That’s when it’s time for a little touch up on the setting powder. It also comes in handy because most setting powders come in a compact style with a mirror on the inside. So you know if you have your setting powder on deck, you have a mirror too!

Blotting Papers

For my ladies with oily skin this should be a staple for you whether you have on makeup or not. Blotting papers take away the excess oils that appear on the face. With these, the directions are in the name. You literally just blot the oily spots of your face with the papers and it makes a huge difference. Now, be sure to BLOT and not WIPE. Wiping will remove more makeup than you would like and you will find yourself needing to reapply a lot more product. Use the blotting papers before you apply your setting powder and you will look as good as new.

Setting Spray

The final thing I always make sure to keep with me when I’m on the go is my setting spray! If you don’t know what setting spray is or which brand may be best for you, I have a post for it. Just follow this link! I always like to spray a little right after I apply my setting powder. It literally sets the makeup in place and gives it a more natural, less cakey look. It also helps the makeup last longer.

What are your favorite products to have while on the go? I’d love to know! If you have any questions on where to find certain products or what brand to use, just ask!

Stay pretty!


Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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