Fall Must Haves: Eye Shadow

Fall is here! Even though it’s nowhere near cool here in Texas it is officially fall, which is my favorite season! A lot of people love fall because of the cooler weather, but if you love makeup and beauty then you know it’s all about the bold colors. The shades you choose when it comes to eye shadow, lipstick and nails. Mind you, just because it is no longer summer that doesn’t mean you still can’t wear the bright colors like pinks and yellows but if you want to stay on trend I highly suggest going for warmer tones more often. This is the first part of my Fall Must Haves. The next part will be lip colors!

Circa Color Focus Eye Shadow Palette in MetamorphosisMAC Sumptuous Olive

My favorite part about makeup application are eyes. Your eyes set the tone for the rest of the look and determine your lip color as well. For fall I like to do bold eyes not so much for everyday makeup, but more so for special occasions or whenever I want to dress up a bit. One shade that I will definitely be wearing a lot of this season is olive green. Olive green is one of the colors of the season. There are many shades of this color but in my opinion the deeper the shade is the better. A palette that I recently bought is by Circa in Metamorphosis which I stumbled upon at Walgreens for about $12 (right picture). You can also try Sumptuous Olive by MAC which is available for $16 (left picture). Sumptuous Olive has a shimmer effect which is what I love. If you don’t like shimmery eye shadows, the darkest color in the Metamorphosis palette by Circa may be your best bet.

Cover Girl Coffee Shop

Another great fall color is gold! Gold is my all-time favorite eye shadow color. If you don’t like gold you can go for a more bronze color, but which ever shade this color will make your eyes pop, especially if you have brown eyes like me. The shade that I use (third from the left) is available in the Cover Girl Coffee Shop eye shadow palette and it is less than $5. This palette can be found at Walmart, Target, Walgreens, etc. (your local drugstore).

Colourpop Central PerkColourpop Central Perk Swatches

Last but not least, another great fall color for the eyes is deep wine/marsala. Marsala is actually Pantone’s Color of the Year and I’m so excited that it’s actually time to wear it! I love deep, rich colors like this for the fall. My favorite eye shadow look for this color is Central Perk by Colourpop. It’s a deep maroon color with a matte finish that is to die for! The image on the right shows swatches on different skin tones. Central Perk is the last swatch. I love Colourpop’s products because even though they are very affordable, their colors are so pigmented! This eye shadow is only $5! If you don’t know a lot about them check out their site and see for yourself!

If you have any questions or want me to see your favorite fall eye shadows, check out my social media pages. My Twitter and Instagram is kierstinbeauty. I’d love to hear from you!

Stay pretty!


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