Socialite Saturday: Luxe Life Dallas Beauty, Hair and Fashion Show

Hey lovelies! Since I’ve started blogging I’ve began to go to different events in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that are related to beauty! I figured that it would be good to share these events with you! I decided to start a new section of my blog called “Socialite Saturday” where I’ll talk about these special events that I attend. October seems like it’s going to be a pretty busy month for me filled with not only beauty events but my birthday toward the end of the month as well! But for the first event, I’m going to back track to the end of September to the Luxe Life Dallas Beauty, Hair and Fashion Show!

My Sister and I

The Luxe Life Dallas Beauty, Hair and Fashion Show was curated by Sheer Luxe Beauty owner Anthara. The event was broken up into different workshops and segments to entertain and educate the attendees. The first segment was a fashion show with designs by designer and seamstress Shanavier McLemore showcasing a few custom fall pieces. The collection was beautiful and showcased bold colors perfect for the season. You can visit her Instagram: Shanavier McLemore to check out more of her designs. “The Queen of Finance” Jalesa Ann  taught a workshop over managing your finances which is so important in this industry. She gave many helpful tips on not only saving money but spending it wisely.

Socialite Sande and I

This event brought some well-known beauty gurus to Dallas as well, especially from YouTube! The speakers included Mo Knows Hair, Socialite Sande, Samirah Gilli and 4itsRox. One of my favorites, Mo Knows Hair, gave some amazing tips for natural hair care. Monica “Mo Knows Hair” Stevens, has been in the beauty industry for years and if any of you have seen her videos you know that she is amazing at what she does. She is a celebrity hairstylist so the tips that she shares, she actually uses them on her clients and herself as well! Another one of my favorites was Socialite Sande. If you have never seen her videos before she is hilarious! She is mostly known for her countless celebrity impersonations including Tamar Braxton and members of the cast of Real Housewives of Atlanta! Some people forget that she is also beauty vlogger and gives tips in her own special way to say the least. She has a huge personality and just a warning if you’ve never seen her videos she has absolutely no censor or filter! I had a chance to chit chat with her and she is honestly one of the sweetest people.

Overall this event was great! I learned a lot in terms of beauty tips that I will start to incorporate my different regimens and of course share the results with you all! I love events like this that feature not only the guest speakers but different vendors as well. It keeps the attendees entertained and gives them something to do between workshop breaks. If you hear about any other beauty events coming up in the Dallas/Fort Worth area that seem interesting let me know! I just may be able to attend and let you guys know how it went! Stay tuned for other “Socialite Saturday” posts in the weeks to come. As I said earlier, this October is going to be super busy for me and I could not be more excited.

Stay pretty!


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