Makeup Essentials: The Beauty Blender

Have you ever heard of a beauty blender? Have you always wanted to buy one but you’re unsure of which one to buy or the purpose for it? Well, I’m here to help! Beauty blenders can be used for multiple things such as applying foundation, blending out your contour and applying concealer. There are different types of beauty blenders that do different things. The Original BeautyBlender was created in 2003 (launched in 2008) by celebrity makeup artist Rea Ann Silva. Now there are many affordable adaptations that are just as great as the beauty blender that I also use and of course I will mention those when necessary. I love beauty blenders because not only do they ensure a flawless finish, but they allow me to save product! By using a beauty blender you’re able to evenly spread out product which means you are wasting less product if you were to use a regular cosmetic wedge or your fingers. Check out the different types of beauty blenders below!

*Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by beautyblender or any affiliated companies.

Original Beauty Blender Pink

The Original BeautyBlender

The first of its kind, the Original BeautyBlender’s unique design is made to leave you with a flawless, streak-free finish. It can be used to apply foundation, powder, BB + CC cream and powder and cream blush. All you have to do before using it is wet + squeeze, then you blend until your heart is content. This product is available at Sephora or the beauty blender site for $20.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender Orange

DUPE: A dupe to the original beauty blender that I use is Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. I love that it has a flat edge because it makes it easier to apply foundation, which is what I mainly use it for. I purchased the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge from Kohl’s for about $6.

Beauty Blender Pure

Pure BeautyBlender

The Pure BeautyBlender can be used to applying more creamy/silky products like primer, serums and eye creams. Directions for use are the same as the original: wet + squeeze and then blend in the product as much as you can. You can find this on the beauty blender website for $20.

Purple BB Walmart

DUPE: A dupe to this applicator is the Makeup Droplets Sponge Blender Blending Powder Smooth Puff Flawless Beauty Foundation in purple. This is available at Walmart for $3.29. I have this applicator and the only con is that it’s more firm than an actual beauty blender. Other than that, the usage is about the same.

Beauty Blender Pro

Pro BeautyBlender

The Pro BeautyBlender was made to apply darker toned products meant for long wear and can also be used for male grooming. It can endure more usage than the other beauty blenders which is why more professional makeup artists use this over the original. You can find this on the beauty blender site as well for $20.

DUPE: I have not found a dupe for this applicator yet, but I am still on the hunt for one! Honestly, the pro beauty blender is the best when it comes to applying heavier products.

Beauty Blender Micro Mini

Micro.Mini BeautyBlender

The is about ¼ the size of the original, making it easier to fit into smaller areas of the face like under eyes and eye corners. It is used to apply products that used in smaller areas like concealer and highlight + contour. Just like the other beauty blenders moisten before use with water or setting spray. This is available for purchase on the beauty blender site for $18.

Beauty Blender Soho Sponge

DUPE: A dupe to the is the SOHO Beauty Sponge. Both sides of this sponge have that point at the end to make it easier to blend makeup in small areas. I purchased this at Walmart for about $7.

Beauty Blender Pack

Bundle DUPE: Of course everyone loves a great bundle deal! To get a dupe for each of these in one bundle, you can purchase the Bundle Monster 4pc Pro Beauty Flawless Makeup Blender Foundation Puff Sponges for $12.75 at Walmart!

Visit to check out more information on the other products and collections! I hope this post/review was helpful if you’ve been considering buying a beauty blender and just wanted more information. If you have any questions or find other dupes to these let me know!

Stay pretty!


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