Are Eyelash Extensions Worth the Risk?

False eyelashes are definitely something you will find in a makeup lover’s cosmetic case, but now there is some steep competition when it comes to falsies. It seems as though everyone is getting eyelash extensions these days. I mean, who doesn’t want full, glamorous lashes to complete their everyday look? With this high demand for eyelash extensions shops are popping up left and right to cater to your lash needs. Before getting eyelash extensions, make sure you educate yourself not only on the extensions themselves but the location as well.

Process + Upkeep

The process of getting eyelash extensions is definitely a time consuming luxury. Prices can range from $80 – $500 depending on the location of the studio, experience of the lash technician, number + type of lashes used, and the time it takes to complete the procedure. A full set can take anywhere between one to two hours. It takes so long because each individual lash is glued on until you reach your desired fullness. You have to keep your eyes closed the entire time, but lash technicians use a special pad to assist with that.

Eyelash extensions are made to last between three to four weeks until your next fill. During this period, the individual lashes will fall out on their own, so you do not have to worry about removing them yourself. They fall out due to everyday activity such as washing your face, especially if you wear makeup every day. The key to long-lasting eyelash extensions is to make sure you do not rub your eyes vigorously on a daily basis. But, you have to make sure you keep the area clean to avoid bacteria growth.


Are eyelash extensions safe? This is a tough question to answer because it depends on a couple of things. The first thing to consider is the products used to complete the procedure. Eyelash extensions have to be secured with a special type of glue that is approved safe by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Glue that is not approved by the FDA may cause infection to the eye area. The type of hair used for the extensions have an important role as well. A poly-blend lash is more than likely to produce infection than a mink lash. It is also critical that you make sure the aesthetician performing your service is a certified lash technician. This serves as a reassurance to you that you are dealing with a professional. Let’s face it, you don’t want just anyone doing this for you! Do your research on different shops around your area and don’t be afraid to ask questions. They are doing a service for you, not the other way around! They have to make sure that you are comfortable with this procedure beforehand.

I hope this post was helpful for you, especially if you’ve been considering getting eyelash extensions.

Stay pretty!


Author: kierstinbeauty

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