How to Find the Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Since it is now the holiday season, the red lip is definitely something that will be a staple for me. I have been asked questions about what shade of red is appropriate for each skin tone and I decided to turn it into a post! Finding a good red lipstick is a must for not only makeup lovers, but women in general especially during this time of year. Whether you like mattes, glosses or regular cream formulas, I am going to give you tips on how to find the perfect shade of red for your skin tone.

*Prices may vary depending on location.

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Fair Skin Tones

My ladies with fairer skin tones who think red is too bold of a color for you? Think again girl! A perfect shade for fairer skin tones are reds with more of a coral or pink undertone in them. Think of colors that have a hint of raspberry in them. Since you have more pink undertones in your skin, the color contrast with the lipstick will balance well and will not be overpowering. A great color is Cover Girl’s Garnet Flame available for about $6 at your local drug store.

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Beige Skin Tones

A classic red is the perfect shade of red for you. These are your candy apple and true reds. They are rich in color and give you a classic look. For a less formal look, you can also get away with cranberry and cherry shades as well. You definitely have a longer list of options to choose from. Pictured above is Flower Kiss Stick High Shine Lip Color in Rose Bud. This can be found at Walmart for about $7.

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Medium/Olive Skin Tones

If you have an olive or medium skin tone, you should look into shades with more brown tones in them, to balance out the brown shades in your skin. For reference, think of a red brick. These shades are perfect for adding a pop to your makeup look without it being too overbearing. An example of this shade is Rimmel London Kate Moss in #11 for about $7. You can find this at Walmart or your favorite drugstore product location.

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Caramel Skin Tones

Same as medium/olive skin tones, you will look great in shades of red with more brown tones. Also, which may come as a surprise, reds with a hint of orange in them. I know, but hear me out! If you have caramel colored skin you do have shades of orange as an undertone, which is why orange concealer is used as a color corrector (in case you didn’t know). A good lipstick is Iman Cosmetics Luxury Moisturizing Lipstick in Iman Red for about $9 at Walmart (where available) or on their website.

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Deep Skin Tones

My ladies with deep skin tones, I already know what you’re thinking. She’s about to tell me to stick with deep reds or a deep wine color. Guess what? You’re wrong. Yes these colors look fab against your skin tone and are great go-to colors, but you can also pull off a darker tint of a classic, candy apple red lip. Don’t believe me, just try it for yourself. The richness of your skin tone and the brightness of the red lip will give take your makeup look to the next level! NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red is available for about $6 at Target.

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I know what you’re thinking, how can one red lipstick look good on every skin tone? Well, I don’t know how they did it, but they did. Of course, I’m talking about a red lipstick that is a staple for every makeup lover, Ruby Woo by MAC. It is available for $17 and there’s also a matching lip liner that I highly recommend as well. Ruby Woo has the perfect undertones to complement every skin color perfectly. It is a bright red, matte formula and the color is just…AMAZING! The color payoff is rich and vibrant and will definitely add a pop of color to any makeup look. Since this is a mattifying lipstick, I recommend that if you deal with dry lips to apply a small amount of lip balm when you first begin applying your makeup. By the time you add your lipstick, which should be last, your lips will be hydrated enough to sustain the matte formula.

If you have any questions about how to find other shades of lipstick for your skin tone, let me know! I would love to help!

Stay pretty!


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