Wigs vs Sew-Ins

As a naturalista, I do appreciate a good protective style. Two strand twists, braid outs and bantu knots are great, but since I have recently become so busy I need a hairstyle that will not require as much time and that will last much longer. If you know me, you know how much I love hair extensions. Some people may be against them, but I am a full supporter of them. In the past, wearing hair extensions or “weave” used to be secretive. Now people have no shame in saying whether or not they are wearing extensions. Of course there are different ways to rock hair extensions, but three in particular that I’ve done are sew-ins, clip-ins and wigs. The most popular of these three are sew-ins and wigs. A lot of people typically lean more towards sew-ins, but is that the best route? Here’s what I think.


For those that may not know what a sew-in is, it is when your hair is braided and hair extensions are literally sewn onto the braids with a special needle and thread. Sew-ins should normally last you for about eight weeks depending on how you treat your hair extensions. I have been wearing sew-ins on and off for the past four years now and it does make things a bit easier when it comes to my everyday routine. Even though sew-ins are great, there are a few negatives to wearing them. You’re stuck with one style for months and if you have a leave out, you can get heat damage from constantly trying to blend your hair with the hair extensions. Also, let’s not forget about the itching that comes with a sew-in! I’m sure no one likes that part. You also have to make sure that when you wash and dry your hair that your natural hair dries well. If not, the water will cause your hair to get moldy and create a horrible odor. Girl, save yourself from this trouble!


You can buy one, get one custom made for you or make it yourself! People normally don’t like wigs because they tend to look “wiggy”. But wigs have come a long way now, trust me! There are some wigs that are available now that look like a sew-in in person. Honestly, some of your favorite Youtubers and bloggers, including myself, wear wigs! This is why I am #TeamWig over #TeamSewIn. They’re interchangeable, you can still take care of your natural hair since it’s not sewn in and it is a better investment! Quality human hair extensions can cost over $300 these days and then after a sew-in or two you may throw it away. Not with a wig! You can still wash and take care of it so it can last for a very long time. Just take it off girl! It is also great because you can prep your hair the night before and then in the morning after you get ready just put on your wig cap, wig and you are good to go! Just make sure if your wig does not have clips to pin it to your head using bobby pins to make sure it is secure!

There are so many sites that offer quality human hair wigs, you just have to do some browsing. If you do not want to purchase one, because I understand the best ones are pretty pricey, buy your hair from your vendor of choice and make one! Next week I will do a post on how to make your own wig! So if you are interested, be on the lookout for it! I promise you ladies it is not hard at all. If you do wear wigs, do you rather purchasing them or making them? I would love to hear from you!

Stay pretty!


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