Why #YoutubeBLACK is Important

Recently, YouTube gathered over 100 of their top black content creators for a unique retreat in Los Angeles. The retreat included workshops with guest speakers such as activist DeRay McKesson, Carol’s Daughter founder Lisa Price, entrepreneur and hip hop mogul Russel Simmons and television writer and producer Mara Brock Akil. If you are an avid viewer of any of the attendees, then I’m sure you heard about this event.

Content creators flooded their social media accounts with footage from the event, cleverly hash tagged by content creator Akilah Obviously, #YoutubeBLACK. If you are also a content creator, then you know how big of a deal this event was. This event was curated to give the black content creators of YouTube a voice. These days YouTubers that have a certain amount of subscribers have countless opportunities available to them.

Top executives from Youtube and Google ultimately came together to ask the content creators one important question: What can we do to make things better for you?

The results: Each content creator left that event with their own manager. I mean, what!? Everyone is not able to have this opportunity. Of course they all left with Youtube gear and goodies from the company, but that was the icing on the cake, in my opinion. Having a manager may not seem like a big deal, but it makes things easier to handle on the business side of your brand.

For content creators who may not have that large of a following, like myself, this was so refreshing and inspiring to see. The fact that this huge company is noticing the hard work and effort that is put into creating content is awesome. It shows that they actually value their “employees”. And for them all to be people of color? Words cannot express how truly inspired I was.

To see more details of this event from the content creators that attended, search the hashtag #YoutubeBLACK on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Stay pretty!

-Kierstin Elisabeth

Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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