I Refuse to Do Crazy Makeup Challenges

Due to the spike of interest in YouTube and blogging, the makeup world has started to become full of crazy trends and challenges. Most of them like the 100 layers of foundation challenge and full face using highlighters challenge are just being done for attention and entertainment purposes. Honestly, I’m so over it and I refuse to participate. Here’s why.

I’m not wasting product.

Do you realize how much a full face worth of makeup costs?! Whether it’s high end, drugstore or luxury it doesn’t matter. Imagine multiplying that amount times 100 to do this crazy 100 layer challenge or using my precious Champagne Pop to cover my entire face. Nah fam, I’m good.

It’s like a cry for attention.

I would rather not be known as the girl that went viral for doing a crazy makeup challenge. It’s not that important to me. Plus, what do you do after you get that attention to keep yourself relevant? Do more challenges? Then I’ll only be known for doing crazy challenges and that’s not what I want.

I don’t do makeup for entertainment.

My purpose for blogging is to help my viewers learn more about makeup application and all things beauty. I don’t do this just to get a certain amount of views or shares from people who are just watching to be entertained. If you actually want to learn different makeup and beauty related techniques or see product reviews then I’m your person.

Y’all look crazy.

Plain and simple. Like, have you really thought about how people come up with this stuff? Most of the challenges that I’ve watched, which aren’t many, I just sit there in dead silence shaking my head because I don’t think some people realize how crazy they make themselves look. Especially for the vloggers who aren’t necessarily in the beauty category. It’s like they’re making a mockery of the ones who are which annoys me even more.


Are you fed up with these crazy challenges too? Which ones exactly? Let’s talk about it.


Stay pretty!

 -Kierstin Elisabeth 


Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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