Don’t Waste Your Money, Honey!

If you haven’t noticed, lately some makeup companies have been following a trend. They’ll release these palettes in limited quantities so they sell out fast: high demand, low supply. But you may not necessarily need that palette. Don’t give in to the hype.  

The main things I can think of are eyeshadow palettes and contour kits. Let’s be real. How many of those shades are you actually going to use regularly? Don’t waste your money! If you look at an eyeshadow palette and can’t see yourself using at least 3 out of 5 shades, don’t get it. It won’t be worth it and then you’ll be left with having to throw it away once it expires, yes makeup expires.

As for contour kits….oh my goodness. I can’t stress this enough. If you’re a beginner with makeup I know you’re excited and just wanna dive right in, but you don’t need a contour kit. It’s easier to buy shades separately to highlight and contour with rather than buying a $50 kit with 6 different colors and you’ll only need 2 of them. Come on now…unless you’re a makeup artist or even a blogger you don’t necessarily need a “kit” for anything. But if you’re ballin’ like that then be my guest.

My Suggestions

Start small. If you just feel like you need an eyeshadow palette, try a drugstore brand like the Maybelline palettes. They are actually really good quality and the shade ranges aren’t crazy. You can also buy eyeshadow quads like NYX, Covergirl, etc. And if you want to try out different colors but don’t want to spend a lot, buy eyeshadow singles. NYX has a great selection and Milani has some of the best shades with great payoff. A lot of people sleep on their eyeshadows. Makeup Geek is also another brand whose eyeshadow singles aren’t insanely expensive, but you have to order online.

For contouring and highlighting, buy single concealers or a concealer palette that you can use for multiple things. The NYX concealer palettes are great and I use mine to highlight, contour, color correct and clean up my brows. Totally worth the $12. The cheapest brand is of course the LA Girl Pro Concealer. They have so many different shades and they only cost about $2 per tube. You can find them at a beauty supply or online.

See! There are many different alternatives to buying a $50 palette that you know you don’t need. I’m just trying to help y’all out. Til next time!

Stay pretty!

 -Kierstin Elisabeth 

Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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