Dumpster Diving for Makeup is a Thing. . .

Believe it or not dumpster diving for makeup is a thing. Trust me, I’m just as shocked and disgusted as you are. One night I couldn’t sleep so of course I turned to YouTube. I ran across this video and the title threw me off. I was like….what?! Dumpster diving haul?  

So of course I watched it. Y’all…people really do this! There are people who have channels that solely focus on them dumpster diving. These people literally go to cosmetic stores, mainly Ulta, in broad day light and go through the dumpsters for makeup! Right there! Then they’ll take it home and see what’s worth keeping and clean it up.

What made things EVEN more gross than what this is, they didn’t use gloves. gags Some of these channels even do giveaways with this stuff! And people actually enter the giveaways! Like, why Sway?! Why would you sign up to win makeup knowing good and well it came from a dumpster? I just can’t deal.

This is just wrong on so many levels. I think what makes me even more upset is that we who spend our hard earned money on makeup have to budget sometimes to get what we want. While these people just go to a couple Ulta stores in their town a few times a week to collect their hidden treasures. My thing is how are they not getting caught?

The people that make these channels and do this in broad daylight, how are they not getting caught by employees or even security that may be in the area? I don’t get it. I just don’t know how this could be legal, which I’m sure it’s not.

I’m curious. What are your thoughts on this dumpster diving thing? You think it’s worth it? Do you think more people will do it once they find out about it? I won’t leave any direct links, but just search “dumpster diving for makeup” on YouTube. Check out some of these videos then get back to me. Let’s chat.

Stay pretty!

Kierstin Elisabeth

Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

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