Yes I have a college degree. No, I do not work a 9-5.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelance worker or even a fitness trainer, I’m sure you’ve been asked by friends or family what it is that you really do. For most of us, there’s a reason why we are in this predicament. My story is probably one of the most relatable experiences, especially for recent college grads.

I am a woman that wears many hats. I’m a blogger, freelance MUA, brand ambassador for a natural hair care company and a licensed insurance agent. Now, by looking at this list you would think that I’m crazy, but trust me everything balances out. As far as blogging goes, I would love to do that full time but I have to work to get to that point. Because as we all know, it takes money to make money.

Recently, my blogging had to take a back seat to some things. And I had actually been beating myself up about not feeling successful enough, especially after graduating college. I never would’ve expected to be doing all that I’m doing. I figured once I graduated, that I would just get a 9-5 office job in Dallas and I’ll be good to go, but that didn’t happen. I literally filled out hundreds of applications on LinkedIn, went on countless interviews where I know I was qualified and capable of doing the job. However, I didn’t get any offers for various reasons.

I thought I was the problem. I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough and that I would be a disappointment to my family. I also felt like I had wasted thousands of dollars on a degree that seemed like it wasn’t enough just because I didn’t have enough experience to go with it. This really was a depressing and stressful stage in my life. You guys have no idea how much I cried and just literally felt so defeated. I also deal with anxiety and during this time it was at an all time high. It was to the point where I had to take medicine for it just to help me calm down because I would literally not be able to sleep at night. Thankfully, I am in a much better head space now and have not taken anything in months.

Just recently, I had to accept the fact that working a typical job is just not for me. In my opinion, it’s just God’s way of telling me that he has something greater in store for me. I just had to step out on faith and trust him. As much as I tried to run away from it and deny it, I have finally accepted the fact that I was meant to be an entrepreneur.

I don’t want to be a blogger or YouTuber forever. Yes, they can help you build a foundation, but is that all you have to offer? For me, the answer is no. I have dreams of doing things that are bigger than me for people who actually deserve more attention. But until that time comes, I will work my hardest to make sure I build my brand as best as I can so I can have the platform to turn my dreams into reality. No more being afraid to advertise myself or put certain things out there. From here on, I will be totally transparent with you guys. So if you see me flooding your timelines, sorry not sorry!

I hope you all appreciate the honesty in this post. It really took a lot for me to share something that is a huge part of the person that I am now and where I plan to take my brand. With that being said, I also have more news to share with you! But, you have to wait a little longer for that. I know, why even mention it? Just to keep you on your toes, duhh! But it’s huge news and I want to make sure all of my close family and friends are aware before I post it to my blog.

Be on the look out for more from me and make sure you subscribe to my blog and join the Stay Pretty Squad! I am going to start doing a weekly newsletter and I don’t want anyone to miss out on it!

Stay pretty!

-Kierstin Elisabeth



Author: kierstinbeauty

26 | New Orleans | MUA | Blogger

2 thoughts on “Yes I have a college degree. No, I do not work a 9-5.”

  1. Hi Kierstine! This is my first time reading a post from you, but I just wanted to say that I love your transparency. I also wanted to encourage you and let you know that you’re not alone. I’ve been where you were on more than one occasion, but God! Just know that as long as you keep God first and as the head of your life everything else will fall into place. Just trust the plan that He has for your life. I enjoyed your post!
    Also, if you have time please check out me and my sister’s blog at .We’re new bloggers.


    1. Thank you soooo much for reading! I appreciate it! And thank you for the encouragement! I’ll definitely check out your blog as well!


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