The Problem with the Shea Moisture Ad 

Ok. So if you don’t know yet, Shea Moisture recently released a commercial advertising that their products are made for everyone in mind. Right? Ok. Here’s the problem. There were no black people in the commercial! 

The commercial is all about loving and embracing your natural hair. Black women are the ones who get ridiculed the most when it comes to this! So you make a commercial with people talking about how Shea Moisture taught them how to love and care for their natural hair. You would expect to see testimonials of black people with type 4 or a kinkier hair texture too right? Well you’re wrong. 

Shea Moisture started out as a brand targeting black women with natural hair. Now with their great success, they have become much more than that. But, you should never forget where you came from! 

Black people in general have been promoting and putting their money into Shea Moisture for years!! We understand and are proud of them for broadening their audience, but shouldn’t we get some love since most of your success stemmed from us? Just saying. 

If you haven’t seen the video yet, here it is:

Video Credit: YouTube- Rebecca Dieker 

What are your thoughts on this? Let’s chat. 

*Update: Shea Moisture has since issued an apology and has pulled the ad from media sources. 

Stay pretty! 

-Kierstin Elisabeth 

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