Makeup Essentials: On the Go Products

Ladies, don’t you hate it when you apply your makeup for the day and realize it doesn’t quite look the same by lunch time? I’ve come up with a list of a few on the go products that you should keep with you to make sure you stay fab throughout the day! Continue reading “Makeup Essentials: On the Go Products”

BB Cream vs CC Cream

Even though we are now in September and nearing the colder months, it is still blazing hot during the day here in the DFW area. Most days I do not have the urge to wake up an extra 30 minutes early to achieve a “beat face”. Wearing a full face of make up on a hot, sunny day is all about strategy. As long as you keep a few essentials in your purse, you’re good to go. But what if you’re just not feeling it that day? On days like these I turn to my tinted moisturizer! Continue reading “BB Cream vs CC Cream”

African Black Soap

How many of you ever go into Bath and Body Works and wish you could use all the great smelling body washes and soaps but if you do it’ll more than likely break you out? Well, you are not alone. As I stated in my last post, I try to use products that are organic, paraben free, sulfate free, etc. This is not only a personal choice, but it is also due to the fact that I have sensitive skin and eczema and have to watch what I apply to it. If you have sensitive, oily or acne prone skin, then black soap should be on your next shopping list. Continue reading “African Black Soap”

Makeup Essentials: Setting Spray

What is setting spray? Setting spray or finishing spray is a product that is mostly used at the end of makeup application. It is used to give makeup a finished or more natural look so that it won’t look so cakey. For those of us who tend to wear a lot of makeup on multiple days of the week, you know how helpful this step is. Setting spray can be the difference in your makeup looking drab or fab by lunch time. Continue reading “Makeup Essentials: Setting Spray”

The Perfect Nude Lipstick

No matter the season, nude lipstick is always a go-to when you can’t decide whether to go dark or light. The hardest thing about rocking a nude lipstick is choosing the shade. When people think nude they think of a pale, muted color but there are so many variations of “nude”. Continue reading “The Perfect Nude Lipstick”

What Are Undertones?

We all come in different shades and tones. Even if you think you may be the same skin tone as someone else, you more than likely are not. A factor that causes the differences in skin tones is undertones. You ever wonder why one foundation that’s the same “color” of another may not look as good on you? This is due to the undertones in your face. Understanding undertones is very important when it comes to finding the right shade of foundation. And let’s face it, the application of your foundation can make or break your entire look. Normal descriptions of skin tones can range from fair to deep. These words are commonly used to describe the surface tones of a person’s complexion. Undertones can be either warm, cool or neutral.

Continue reading “What Are Undertones?”

Skin Care Routine

The key to flawless make-up application is, of course, your skin! Skin is the most delicate part of the body and should be handled with care. Identifying the condition of your skin determines your skincare routine. I have dry, sensitive skin and I also have eczema. Sometimes I have flare ups in some areas on my face. Recently I’ve updated my skincare routine and have noticed a great difference.

STEP 1: Remove make-up

Before I actually cleanse my face, I remove my make-up using coconut oil. Now, there are many different brands of coconut oil out there and it honestly does not matter which brand you use. Just make sure it is Continue reading “Skin Care Routine”