Spring into Style

Spring is here! Hey beauties! Long time no talk, right? I know! It’s been a minute since my last blog post, but I am back! I’ve switched my blog back over to WordPress from SquareSpace and I am ready to dive back into blogging! So, to show my appreciation to you all I’m kicking off this spring with a giveaway! But first, let me give you some styling tips! 

Some people may not see a watch as a necessary accessory, depending on your everyday activities, but I sure do! As a makeup artist, a watch is so important to me! I don’t always have access to my phone so being able to keep the time on a watch while I have a client is the next best thing. Another great thing that I love about watches is of course the variety of colors and styles that are available! Personally, I like more neutral colors so I know it will match whatever color I’m wearing that day.

So why are we talking watches and not makeup? Good question! Well first off, I  plan on incorporating style and fashion posts into my blog as well so be on the look out for that! Second, I am hosting a giveaway with JORD Watches! JORD watches are made of all wood which give them a beautiful and natural finish. They also come in MANY different styles and colors. Also, they make watches for both men and women!

See, y’all are getting the hook up because one lucky winner will receive $100 off their purchase of a JORD watch! But that’s not it! Everyone that enters will receive a code for $25 off their purchase at the end of the giveaway! Sounds good right? I told y’all I was hooking you up! So what are you waiting for? Get to entering! Just click here and fill out the information. It’s that simple! Good luck!

Stay pretty!

-Kierstin Elisabeth


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I’m happy to announce that…

So if you’ve been paying attention to me on social media, I’ve mentioned a couple times that I have a pretty big announcement! I’ve been waiting until specific people knew about it and now since they do, I can tell y’all! Continue reading “I’m happy to announce that…”

Yes I have a college degree. No, I do not work a 9-5.

Whether you’re a blogger, freelance worker or even a fitness trainer, I’m sure you’ve been asked by friends or family what it is that you really do. For most of us, there’s a reason why we are in this predicament. My story is probably one of the most relatable experiences, especially for recent college grads. Continue reading “Yes I have a college degree. No, I do not work a 9-5.”

Dumpster Diving for Makeup is a Thing. . .

Believe it or not dumpster diving for makeup is a thing. Trust me, I’m just as shocked and disgusted as you are. One night I couldn’t sleep so of course I turned to YouTube. I ran across this video and the title threw me off. I was like….what?! Dumpster diving haul?   Continue reading “Dumpster Diving for Makeup is a Thing. . .”

It’s My First Blogaversary!

My first official blog post went live on September 1, 2015. I was in my last semester of college and was just doing this as a creative outlet and to help people with their beauty needs. I was using WordPress, the free version, used my phone to take pictures and I barely knew what I was doing. But, throughout all of this I still kept at it. What kept me going was my passion. Continue reading “It’s My First Blogaversary!”

10 Uses for Coconut Oil

Everyone loves coconut oil! Most people use it for the hair, but there are many things you can use coconut oil for, believe it or not. For starters, you have to buy the right kind. You have to make sure the coconut oil is virgin and in it’s solid form. This means that it is unrefined and has no extra preservatives in it to maintain a liquid form. True coconut oil should be solid, but melt when it comes in contact with heat. The more natural and organic your oil is, the better your results will be. Let’s get started!  Continue reading “10 Uses for Coconut Oil”