How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day

Long hours of wear along with the summer heat can take a toll on your makeup. Here are the products you need to make sure your face is flawless all day. Continue reading “How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day”

Fall 2016 Makeup Releases

We’re almost there! The time of year for deep reds, burnt oranges, emerald greens and rich berries! Fall is most definitely my favorite season. Maybe because October is my birthday month?! Anyways, the transition from summer to fall makeup is always tricky. But, these new releases should help out with that! Here are some of the most anticipated makeup releases that are coming soon! Get your wallets ready! Continue reading “Fall 2016 Makeup Releases”

Don’t Waste Your Money, Honey!

If you haven’t noticed, lately some makeup companies have been following a trend. They’ll release these palettes in limited quantities so they sell out fast: high demand, low supply. But you may not necessarily need that palette. Don’t give in to the hype.   Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Money, Honey!”

10 Uses for Coconut Oil

Everyone loves coconut oil! Most people use it for the hair, but there are many things you can use coconut oil for, believe it or not. For starters, you have to buy the right kind. You have to make sure the coconut oil is virgin and in it’s solid form. This means that it is unrefined and has no extra preservatives in it to maintain a liquid form. True coconut oil should be solid, but melt when it comes in contact with heat. The more natural and organic your oil is, the better your results will be. Let’s get started!  Continue reading “10 Uses for Coconut Oil”

Beginner’s Guide to Skincare

Skincare is SUPER important, especially when it comes to makeup application. In a sense, your skin is the foundation for your foundation. Get it? The steps for a basic skincare routine are easy to follow. The longer you follow your routine, the better your results will be. Continue reading “Beginner’s Guide to Skincare”

I Refuse to Do Crazy Makeup Challenges

Due to the spike of interest in YouTube and blogging, the makeup world has started to become full of crazy trends and challenges. Most of them like the 100 layers of foundation challenge and full face using highlighters challenge are just being done for attention and entertainment purposes. Honestly, I’m so over it and I refuse to participate. Here’s why. Continue reading “I Refuse to Do Crazy Makeup Challenges”

Ultimate List of 100+ Black Owned Cosmetics: Hair + Makeup + Skincare

With the recent events of black men and women becoming victims to police brutality, black people have made a tremendous increase in the support of black owned businesses. After a lot of research, I came up with a list of black owned makeup, hair care, hair extensions, subscription boxes and even nail polishes. This list includes both well-known and recent startup companies. Continue reading “Ultimate List of 100+ Black Owned Cosmetics: Hair + Makeup + Skincare”