It’s My First Blogaversary!

My first official blog post went live on September 1, 2015. I was in my last semester of college and was just doing this as a creative outlet and to help people with their beauty needs. I was using WordPress, the free version, used my phone to take pictures and I barely knew what I was doing. But, throughout all of this I still kept at it. What kept me going was my passion. Continue reading “It’s My First Blogaversary!”

Don’t Waste Your Money, Honey!

If you haven’t noticed, lately some makeup companies have been following a trend. They’ll release these palettes in limited quantities so they sell out fast: high demand, low supply. But you may not necessarily need that palette. Don’t give in to the hype.   Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Money, Honey!”

I Refuse to Do Crazy Makeup Challenges

Due to the spike of interest in YouTube and blogging, the makeup world has started to become full of crazy trends and challenges. Most of them like the 100 layers of foundation challenge and full face using highlighters challenge are just being done for attention and entertainment purposes. Honestly, I’m so over it and I refuse to participate. Here’s why. Continue reading “I Refuse to Do Crazy Makeup Challenges”

My Natural Hair Journey

I had been getting relaxers since I was about 6 or 7 years old. When I started college in 2010 I had been having long hair all my life and wanted something different. So, my mom cut it into a bob. I loved it so much! It had movement and volume and it was everything I hoped it would be, once I got used to the idea of short hair. But then, I got bored. Continue reading “My Natural Hair Journey”

Shade Variations for Women of Color

If you are a woman of color, you know how difficult it can be to find your foundation shade from some of the most popular cosmetic brands. With more and more women of color entering the beauty industry on a daily basis, the need for a wider range of shades is huge. Well, women of color are fed up with the lack of variety from some cosmetic brands. Continue reading “Shade Variations for Women of Color”

Exclusive Interview: Tamara Starks for Treasure Chest Beauty Studio

On Thursday morning, I had the opportunity to attend the ribbon cutting for Treasure Chest Beauty Studio in Arlington, TX. The event was great and I even got a tour of the salon from the owner and founder of Treasure Chest Beauty Studio, Tamara Starks. Tamara is an alumna of The University of Texas at Arlington (Go Mavs!) and is a strong minded, hardworking business woman. Check out my interview with her to find out about the start of her business, current specials and an exclusive announcement! Continue reading “Exclusive Interview: Tamara Starks for Treasure Chest Beauty Studio”